In which the name of this blog was, apparently, prophetic

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 3.21.02 PM
Jessica Rose on The Morning Show on Channel 7 in Australia

Among other interesting tidbits, last week’s StoryForward Podcast, featuring Jenni Powell, Logan Rapp, Jessica Rose, and Yousef Abu-Taleb, revealed that the official title of the LG15 revival will be LG15: Anchor Cove. Let the record state that I chose the name of this blog before I found out about this! “Anchor Cove” is, of course, a reference to the original casting call for lonelygirl15 posted on Craigslist back in 2006. (An old fan forum for LG15, established as an alternative to the official forum, was also named after the casting call.)

While there isn’t too much new information to be revealed yet in this podcast, it’s a great listen. Yousef and Jessica’s reflections on what it was like to be a part of the original series, and Jenni and Logan’s musings on going from fans to content creators themselves, make this a must-hear for any hardcore LG15 fan. I learned some behind the scenes details I hadn’t known about the original series, and it built my excitement for the revival, too!

Other happenings in the Breeniverse this past week include Jessica’s Australian TV interview about the return of the series. Between the podcast, Jessica’s interview, and the host of various articles published in the wake of the new video’s upload, it’s great to see all this media hype building around the series once again!

In terms of content, things have gone quiet since the Danielbeast’s livestream on Facebook, during which he did state that he might go dark for a few weeks. But it sounds like the Creators are gearing up to bring us the best new series they can, so patience is a virtue, here. While I wait, I’ve continued rewatching the original series, and I’m having a lot of fun remembering what it is that I loved about all of these characters. If anyone else is rewatching, I’d love to hear your thoughts as you revisit these videos, too!


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