Don’t Call It a Comeback – Bree Returns, Daniel Reacts, and More

Needless to say, quite a bit has happened in the Breeniverse this past week! But let me break it all down for those of you who’ve been sleeping on this, and share a few of my hopes for the new series.

First thing’s first: Bree? Yeah, possibly not quite as dead as we’d all believed her to be.

June 16th, 2016

Marking the ten year anniversary of Bree’s first video blog, “Whatever Happened To lonelygirl15?” was uploaded to the official lonelygirl15 YouTube channel last Thursday, apparently by a mysterious character identifying themselves as M. The video depicts Bree, seemingly ten years older and very much alive, apparently working for the Order. M’s caption implies that there will be more to come, and implores those who once supported the Resistance to make it known that they’re still out there, ready to fight.

The video also contains links to three clues hidden in YouTube annotations:

  1. An audio file of a voicemail message from Daniel to Emma. Daniel himself has since confirmed that this was him, and that he has remained in contact with Emma. (See Daniel’s videos below.) (Link appears in the annotation at 0:43.)
  2. A partially blacked out email exchange in which a search warrant is discussed (appearing in the annotation at 1:16).
  3. A medical report from 2010 about a man, seemingly being kept under watch, who attempted to hurt himself. Many believe the subject in question to be Jonas, who was last seen being held by the Order in the 2008 finale of LG15: The Resistance. (Appears in the annotation at 1:41).

More on this video and these clues can be found at LGPedia and the LG15 Community Wiki, both of which I have used as sources here as I’ve compiled these clues. The annotations were also helpfully pointed out by commenters on the video, and members of the forum. (I’m not exactly observant enough to notice this sort of thing on my own.)

Following this video, numerous articles on sites such as Forbes confirmed that the series is being revived by Miles Beckett and Jenni Powell, with original stars including Jessica Lee Rose (Bree), Yousef Abu-Taleb (Daniel), and Maxwell Glick (Spencer) set to return, and new characters expected to be introduced, as well.

Recent updates to the official LG15 Facebook account may also be of interest. While the account’s cover photo was changed to what appeared to be a picture of Gina on June 16th, a fan in the comments claims to recognize this as an old promotional image from the Bloodlines episodes, and the image was changed to a still from the new video soon thereafter. While this sparked some discussion of Gina‘s possible return, it now appears that, in all likelihood, this was simply an old image being used for its aesthetic. But hey, who knows?

June 19th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.45.46 PM

Shortly after Daniel‘s new Snapchat account (therealdbeast) began to circulate – Yousef Abu-Taleb posted a link confirming its canonicity on his Instagram on June 18th – Daniel posted a series of short videos to his Snapchat Story on June 19th, reacting to the new video of Bree. Daniel appears clearly distraught and unsure what to make of this development. He invites viewers to add him on Facebook, revealing for the first time that his last name is Barlow.

Daniel’s Facebook account can be found here. He later reposted his Snapchat videos to Facebook here.

Daniel has also personally replied to some fans on Snapchat, including me! Even though he just thanked me for the support, I feel like I am now, officially, a canon part of the Breeniverse, which is pretty darn cool.

June 20th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.46.16 PM

Daniel streamed live on Facebook on Monday while chatting with viewers. The video is archived on his profile here. Salient points from this video:

  • Daniel now feels strongly that the Bree depicted in the new video is “not [his] Bree.”
  • He hasn’t heard from Jonas since 2008, and believes him to be dead. He clearly finds this as difficult to talk about as everything that happened with Bree, explaining that Jonas was like a brother to him.
  • He has seen the clues hidden in the annotations on the video of Bree, and also believes the medical report to be about Jonas.
  • He confirms that the audio file is of a voicemail he left for Emma. Though initially hesitant to reveal that he’s been working with Emma, the voicemail has already made this public. Daniel states that Emma is the only person from their old group that he remains in contact with, and that he does not know where any of the others are.
  • Daniel says that he may take a few weeks to himself to gather his thoughts.

lonelyboy15 – Canon or Fanfic?

Shadow of a man's head
lonelyboy15’s icon on YouTube

On June 17th, the first of three videos was uploaded by YouTube user lonelyboy15. These videos allude to various LG15 plot points and include footage from past LG15 episodes. It is unclear, however, whether these videos are the work of a fan, or a canon part of the new series.

Also possibly of relevance are the videos posted in these comments on Reddit, though links on these YouTube profiles to posts made by fans investigating the new LG15 video may point towards this being another fanwork capitalizing on the show’s return.

So What’s Next?

I don’t claim to be very good at solving the kinds of puzzles often found in LG15. In fact, I claim just the opposite: I’m awful at them. What I am good at is wildly guessing at what might happen next, and getting my hopes up way too high for things that may or may not stand any chance of actually happening. With that in mind, here are some of my thoughts:

  • I really, really hope that Jonas is still alive, and that he will appear in the new series. I think it’s entirely possible that, if Jackson Davis is already confirmed to be returning, it might be considered too big of a spoiler to be revealed this early on in the new series. Perhaps they want us to believe him to be dead for a little while, only to reveal his fate later on. While I’m preparing myself for the possibility that he won’t return, I’ve always been a huge fan of Jackson’s work on the show, and I’d love to see the whole gang reunited. But I’m glad they’re already addressing the huge cliffhanger they left off on with Jonas, because that has haunted me for years.
  • Given the fact that Daniel has confirmed he’s in contact with Emma, I’m hoping that Katherine Pawlak will return to reprise her role, as well. Though she has not yet been confirmed, her inclusion in this tweet by an actress followed by both Katherine and Yousef on Twitter has given me a liiiiittle bit of hope that this person might know something we don’t, yet. In any case, Emma’s final episode back in 2008 was really hopeful, and I’d love to see what she’s been up to in the years since.
  • I don’t know what to believe about Bree, except that I don’t believe this is going to be passed off as old footage of her. She looks older, and everything seems to be pointing to the fact that she’s alive. But has she been brainwashed by the Order? Is she, for some reason, working for them willingly? Or is she just playing along and biding her time until she can make a move against them? Even assuming this footage is recent, just how recent is it? There are just too many questions, here, and too many different ways that this could go.
  • Who is this mysterious M? Many have pointed out the similarities between their tone and that of Tachyon in her videos back in the day, or suggested that M might stand for Mother, a character Tachyon reported to. There was also Maggie, one of the main characters of LG15: The Resistance, whose fate remains unknown since she was taken by the Order along with Jonas at the end of that series. Personally, I don’t believe this to be her, though. I think M is probably a new character. As for Maggie, who knows what may have happened to her since the Order took her and Jonas seven years ago. That’s only one of the main questions we all have heading into this new series.

So yeah. I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, to tide myself over as I wait for more new content, I’ve been rewatching the original series, drinking orange Slurpees, and having a grand old time. LG15 is back, and I have never been more ready!


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